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This new week, the Lord shall release the helpers of your destiny for your benefit in JESUS Mighty Name. The helper the Lord has ordained for your destiny shall not go into captivating in JESUS Mighty Name. Your helpers of destiny shall not die before they locate you in JESUS Mighty Name. Watch out, your helpers are coming to accelerate the fulfillment of your glorious and enviable destiny in JESUS Mighty Name. Good morning and have a VICTORY-FILLED DAY.

Father Lord, as I surrender my life to You and wait upon You, empower me for a life of exploit and to soar higher in Jesus Mighty Name.
May your lamp of glory burn brighter, your ocean of joy flow ceaselessly, your rainbow appear more colourful and consistently.

You will triumph over all challenges and troubles, you will become unstoppable as the Almighty God will release an excellent spirit upon you to succeed in all your endeavours. You will not dispense labour in the garden of your enemies, your beautiful gate shall not be an open field to your adversaries. Good morning and have a most excellent, Blessed, favoured and uplifting day. God bless you.

There is not a single thing that Jesus cannot change, control, and conquer because He is the living Lord.
A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all. No man can serve two masters. Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.
There was a gift for each of us left under the tree of life 2000 years ago by Him whose birthday we celebrate today.  The gift was withheld from no man.  Some have left the packages unclaimed.  Some have accepted the gift and carried it around, but have failed to remove the wrappings and look inside to discover the hidden splendor.  The packages are all alike:  In each is a scroll on which is written, “All that the Father hath is thine.”  Take and live!
They can include you in their destructive plans, but they will never succeed in concluding you in JESUS Mighty Name. The unbeatable power of the Lord shall set you up on a higher pedestal beyond the reach of the enemies in JESUS Mighty Name. Whether the devil like it or not, you shall surely be a wonder to your world in JESUS Mighty Name. Keep doing the will of God and He shall reward you soon in JESUS Mighty Name. Good morning and have a Marvelous Wednesday

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